Internet Businesses Part I


Using the Internet, search for at least 4 different TYPES of Winnipeg Business.
Eg. Flowers, car dealers, sports retailers, bakeries, building supplies, restaurants, etc.

Note: You could NOT have both "SportChek" and "Pro Hockey Life" as these are both sporting stores.

For each different type choose one business, visit their web site and then answer the questions below.

(Note: you may wish to use sites such as
to search for businesses in Winnipeg)


  1. Type of business
  2. Name of business
  3. URL Address of business
  4. Street Address of business
  5. Brief description of the business
  6. List 2-3 specific products or services the business sells
  7. Can you order online, by phone, by email (give phone & email)?
  8. Is their site appealing and easy to navigate?
  9. What is the businesses "target market"? Who you think would most likely buy the products and services.

    Think of the following when answering the above question on "target market":


  11. Who is the website registered to? Give the name, address, etc? Use, ,, or or a similar site to find this information.
    What date was it first registered? When does it expire?
    Note: If some info is missing try checking on another registrar site. If you still can not find it be sure to indicate the information is not available.