MS Word Skill Check

The following document can be downloaded here wordSkillCheck.doc


1. What is meant by default settings?

2. What is the difference between typeover and insert mode? How can you tell which one is active?

3. What is the difference between Delete and Backspace?

4. What is the difference between Save and Save As.

5. Using the fast keystrokes, how do you move to the

a. beginning of the document?

b. end of the document?

c. beginning of a line?

d. end of a line?

6. What are the keystrokes (short cuts) to:

a. bold

b. Underline

c. Italic

d. paste

e. copy

f. cut


7. What keystrokes force a 'page break' (start the next page)?

8. Explain the difference between copy and cut

9. Explain the steps to centre an item horizontally across the page.

10. Explain how to change the left and right margins to 1.5 inches (4cm)

11. Explain how to retrieve clipart and add it to your document.

12. Explain how you would find the statistics on your document: word count, paragraphs, pages, etc.

13. Explain how you can automatically insert the correct date.