Interview Shoot


You will be using the Interview questions you created previously.


Working with a partner, one person will be the interviewer (asking the questions) the other the interviewee (answering the questions).


Phase 1: Video tape the interviewee as this person answers the questions asked be the interviewer.
These should be real questions with real answers.


Phase 2: Video tape the Interviewer asking the "fake" questions. These are the questions that will make the answers recorded above sound silly.
Note: The Interviewee does NOT answer these questions.


Phase 3: Edit the video to remove the questions from phase 1 and replace them with the questions from phase 2.


Publish your completed Interview.



Your interview must be geared towards a GENERAL audience. (meaning no violence, weapons, R, PG, or X rated material). Some will be showcased on the GCCI web site as examples of the work of our talented students, so make them appropriate for ALL viewers (including parents and young children).