Part A

1. School Name - Wide Establish to Close-up of our school name.

2. Library - wide shot, slow pan

3. Library – Wide shot focusing down to a Close-up of a student reading a book or writing.

4. Pan from left to right of trophy case or Drama pictures, slow zoom to focus attention on a single trophies / awards or picture
(avoid capturing your reflection in the glass!)

5. SMOOTH track movement through a hallway - 40+ feet of coverage.
(end to end travel, without bouncing from walking - use dolly to accomplish)

6. A team member walking the hallway (above), the camera stays at one end of the hall and VERY slowly zooms in on the face
of the talent (team member) as they walk toward the camera.

7. Steady shot of a Clock with a working second hand for at least a minute or digital clock with second count down for at least a minute.

8. A talent (team member) standing perfectly still as the camera moves 360 around them


9. Stairway Decent - Shoot from top down, behind talent, Pickup action from bottom of stairs once they have traveled
approximately half way down looking up at the talent as they descend the stairs


Doorway shot - Shoot talent entering (seeing their back, and talent opening the door), Pickup on the other side of door with
talent acing the camera, opening the door and entering.


10. A “unique angle” shot of talent performing a task. e.g.. buying a drink from the drink machine

11. Over-the-shoulder shot of talent doing an everyday task.
e.g.. Tying shoes, writing notes


Finished-Edited Videos will be approximately 2-4 minutes in length, keeping in mind do not spend too much time on each shot.

Shoot more than you will need, it’s always easier to cut out shots, than it is to re-shoot something that you missed originally.

Take turns being camera operator.


Part B

Post Production

After your shots are uploaded to the computer you need to edit

Some things to note: