Introduction to Fireworks

Assignment 2

Main Concepts

§         Filling Window

§         Stroke Window

§         Effects Window

§         Layers Window

§         Styles Window

§         Re-Shape Area Tool

§         Combine-Punch command

§         Rounded Rectangle

§         Gradient Fill

§         Combine-Join command

A.     Smoke

            Create a series of four graphics that replicate the plume and gradual dispassion of smoke from a smokestack. Use a canvas size of 250 x 250 pixels for each frame in this process.

§        Choose the Ellipse Tool, in the Stroke window, set the Stroke Category to Air Brush - Basic, with Textured set to Smoky 80%, Tip Size set at 50.  Set the paint fill colour to none and set the stroke colour to grey.

§         In the first frame, the smoke should have the appearance of a mushroom cloud.  This can be done using a collection of small ellipses, as shown.

§         Save this as SMOKE-xxxx (where xx is your loginname)

§         Open the frames panel, click on the first frame and duplicate it. (Click on the triangle on the top right of the panel).

§        Rearrange the ellipses to show the next frame of movement.  This should include a slight colour shift and the removal of a few of the ellipses.

§        Duplicate the frame and redistribute the smoke two more times for a minimum of four frames.

§         ReSave this completed one as SMOKE-xxxx (where xx is your loginname)


B.     Navigation Buttons

            Using a canvas size of 300 x 300 pixels, create a collection of custom Web buttons as shown.

§         Create a Rounded Rectangle, with a height of 60 and width of 140 pixels.

§         Set the fill for the rectangle as Solid, Hard Edge, 50% Grain texture, using a teal green colour (or colour of your choice)

§         Apply an Inner-Bevel (Frame 1) effect to the rectangle.  It should be set to have a width of 8 pixels, (leave the remaining at default settings).

§         Use the text tool to enter the text:  QUIT in 28pt, Arial Black, bold.

§         Copy this button and replace the text with OK

§         Make two more copies of the button, replacing the text with a directional arrow.

§         The arrow should be created with the Combine-Union command using a rounded rectangle and a triangle OR use the Arrow shape

§         Apply an Inner-Bevel to the union

§         Save this as BUTTONS-xxxx (where xx is your loginname)

C.     Artist Pallet

            Using a canvas size of 300 x 300 pixels, create an artist’s paint pallet.

§         On layer one, create an ellipse with size:  175 H x 250 W

§         Re-shape the ellipse to roughly duplicate the shape shown
Combine Paths - punch option from the Modify menu may help with this.

§         Fill the pallet with the Wood-Light Pattern with the grain texture set to 0%.

§         Apply an Inner-Bevel effect to the pallet.  It should be set to have: width of 7 pixels, contrast of 100%, softness of 4, an angle of 0, and a Raised button pre-set.

§         Create a small ellipse to act as the thumbhole next to the handle.  Use the Combine-Punch command to remove the fill in this hole.

§         On layers two - six, create a series of 5 smaller ellipses of various size to act as the paint swatches.  There should be one swatch per layer.

§         Fill the paint swatches with:  red, green, yellow, blue and black

§         Apply a 10% feathered edge, and a 40% Swirl texture to each swatch (ensure that the stroke value is set to None).


§         Save this as PALLET-xxxx (where xx is your loginname)

D.     Gradient Fill

            Using a canvas size of 300 x 300 pixels create the following four objects (see graphic below):

§         Save as GRADIENT-xxxx (where xx is your loginname)


229-125 pixels
- none

Linear, B/W, Feather-15, Mesh Texture-30%


100x100 pixels
- none

Gradient - Starburst, Red-Blue , Texture 0%

Drop Shadow - Soft 20 ---- Distance - 15


100x100 pixels
- none

Gradient - Radial, Copper, Texture 0%

Copper settings

Glow, Offset, Width 5, Softness 10, match colour of the core


100x100 pixels
- none

Gradient - Cone, Cobalt Blue , Texture 0%

Cobalt blue settings

Inner Bevel  - 30% contrast