Fireworks Assignment 3

Create the following three graphics in Fireworks. Use the sample output on this page to assist you.

 A. Ninja Star

    • Use a canvas of approx. 300 x 300
    • Use the Polygon tool with the Shape set to Star, and an angle of approx 40
    • Use the Edit Gradient… panel to have the fill go from black to dark turquoise (greeny-blue)
    • Set the Effect to "Inner Bevel", with an angle of 45 degrees.
    • NOTE: the 'shadow ' is not a "Drop-Shadow", it is a skewed copy of the original (semi-transparent) 
    • Have the shadow filled as a linear gradient moving from black to light grey.
    • Save as: STAR-xxxx (where xx is your loginname)



B. Crescent Moon

    • Use a canvas size of 300 x 400
    • Recreate the logo for Crescent Moon Financial Services
    • To create a single crescent:
      • Create one larger and one smaller perfect circles
      • Position one on top of the other
      • Select both and use the punch tool
      • Create a beveled edge
      • Copy and rotate as required
    • Use the Kerning tool to align the text horizontally
    • The C in the middle is a text font
    • Save as: MOON-xxxx (where xx is your loginname)




 C. Crown

    • Use a canvas size of 350 x 200
    • Recreate the logo for CROWN.COM
    • The techniques needed have been used in the previous assignments and demonstrations.
    • Note the glow around "".
    • Save as:CROWN-xxxx (where xx is your loginname)