Fireworks Personal Logo Assignment

Part I
Thinking of the design techniques discussed in class and target audiences,
you are to design your own personal logo that reflects you.

You may wish to sketch it out on paper before you design it in fireworks.

Be sure to save your logo as fireworks native PNG  format.

Save your logo in THREE different sizes

- be sure to use three differnet names
eg. myLogoBig, myLogoMedium, myLogoSmall

-big (full screen ~ 640 x 480)
-small ~ (100 x 100)

Also see what it looks like when converted to both GIF and JPEG  using various colour and compression levels.

Do NOT lose these logos as you will be using them several other assignments

Part II

Modify your above big logo to include some 'animation' .

Be sure to save this animated GIF using a different filename then Part I above. eg. myLogoAni
(You may wish to just add ani to the the filename)

Save both as a PNG and animated GIF