Beep Beep Car Tutorial
Part 2



The Grid

In the exercises that follow, you will be creating graphics. When creating graphics, the grid is often helpful. To turn on the Grid:

  1. Choose View > Grid > Edit Grid from the menu. The Grid dialog box will display.

  2. Click on the Color box and select gray to have the gridlines display in gray.
  3. Select Show Grid to cause the grid to display.
  4. Select Snap to Grid to cause the edges of your graphic to align with the grid lines.
  5. Set the Horizontal field to 20 px to separate horizontal lines by 20 pixels.
  6. Set the Vertical field to 20 px to separate vertical lines by 20 pixels.
  7. Set the Snap Accuracy to Normal.
  8. Click on OK.

The Oval Tool

In the exercise that follows you will use the Oval tool to draw an ellipse. You will then turn the ellipse into a symbol. Symbols are reusable graphics you store in the Library. Later in the tutorial you will turn the ellipse into the button movie viewers press to start the movie.

To draw the ellipse:

Select the Oval tool. The properties panel at the bottom the screen will change. These color boxes are used to set the stroke and fill colors. The stroke color outlines your drawing. The fill color fills the center of your drawing.

You set the thickness of the Stroke line in the Stroke panel.

To set the thickness of the Stroke line:

  1. Choose Solid from the drop down menu to select the type of line that will outline your drawing.
  2. Set the line thickness to 3, do this by either typing 3 in the Stoke Height field OR by using the popup slider.
  3. Click on the Stroke color box and select black as your stoke color.
  4. Click on the Fill color box and select navy blue as your fill color.
  5. Click on the Stage and drag diagonally to draw an ellipse the size shown below.