Beep Beep Car Tutorial
Part 9



Publishing your Animation

The majority of people will not have the full Flash MX 2004 application software, you will need to publish your .FLA file in a format that your audience can use.

This is usually done by publishing your flash document movies (.fla files) to Flash Movies (.swf files). Most computers and browsers can play flash movies in the .swf format.



How to Publish

  1. Open the Flash document you wish to publish
  2. Choose File >Publish Settings menu


3. Flash gives you a wide variety of formats to publish in.
You can change the file name by typing a new name and change the destination folder by clicking the folder icon.

Note: by default flash will publish your movies (.swf) using the same file name and folder location as the flash document (.fla)


4. Click the Flash tab at the top of the dialog box

5. You have a number of options:

-Version: the gives the option to publish in any of the Flash movie formats. the end user must have that version of the flash player. To ensure complete compatibility with all of the new Flash MX 2004 features, select Flash Player 7. If you have not used ActionScript commands , you can use Flash 4.

-Load Order: determines how the flash Player will draw the first frame of the Flash movie as it is downloaded to the player. The default (bottom-up) loads layer in ascending order; the lowest layer first, then second lowest, etc. If the download speed is fast this has little effect.

-see the Flash Help for information on the other options

The default setting are usually fine


6. Click the Publish button at the bottom of the dialogue box.

When you look in the folder you choose you will see a file with your filename and the extension .swf