Basic Steps for a Motion Tween in Flash MX

See Two Big Motion Tween Animation Rules

1. Insert a keyframe where you wish the animation to start. (Frame one is always a keyframe so just click the frame if this is where you wish to start)

2. Create a group or text block or symbol

3. Create another keyframe where you wish the animation to end.

4. Move the object to the new position

5. If you wish to change the objects size, rotation or colour, make these adjustments now.

6. Click anywhere in the middle of the tween, between the keyframes.

7. From the drop-down list in the property inspector choose motion

Done! Click the first frame and play the animation.

Here is a silly phrase to help remember the procedure for creating a motion tween.
Funny First keyframe
Objects Object place it
Love Last keyframe
Moving Move object
In In the middle between the keyframes
Tweens Tween - choose the Motion tween from the menu
(From Macromedia Flash MX for Dummies)


Note: Motion Tween can only be applied to one item per layer.
You can use multiple layers to Motion tween multiple items in the same time span.