How to Rescale a Movie's Size

You have just created a wonderful flash movie that takes up an entire page (or more). when you realize this is waaayy to big.
You would like to make it samller, maybe 20% smaller.


Follow these steps

1. Save your current animation.

2. Decide the amount of reduction you desire, eg. 20 percent

3. Reveal any hidden layers - right click(Mac - Ctrl + click) on any layer > Show all

4. Click the Edit Mutliple Frames button (it is located just below the timeline)

5. Drag the onion skin markers to the first and last frames of your animation

6. Choose Edit > Select All from the menus

7. Chose Window > Design Panels > Info from the Menus

8. Mutiple ALL the numbers W, H, X, Y by your reduction percentage.
(It is a good idea to write the results down so you don't make a mistake)

9. Enter these numbers for the W(width), H(height), X, Y

10. Now to get rid of the extra space, Choose Modify > Document from the menus

11. Click on the Contents button and OK


Don't forget to save your animation, maybe using a different filename then before.