Flash CS6

Tween Along a Path

Flash has a special layer called Motion Guide. This layer is used to a guide path for your animation to follow and is not exported with your animation. You can make the path using any drawing tool. You can also import EPS or AI file formats, but you will need to ungroup imported files first.

To make a simple motion tween using a Classic Motion Guide.

1. Save the "Rocket Ship" to your home folder, right click here and save

2. Import the Rocket Ship to flash

3. Change the layer name to Rocket

3. Select Frame 1, place the Rocket Ship in the lower left corner of the stage

4. Add a key frame in frame 25,

5. Move to any frame in between and then from the menus choose Insert, Classic Tween (or right click, Create Classic tween)

6. Right Click on the Rocket Layer name then choose Add Classic Motion Guide icon in the Layers area.
This places a guide layer above the rocket layer. The name is Guide Layer (plus the layer name it is above).

7. Select Frame 1 of the Guide layer, and using any drawing tool to draw a path. (the Pencil works well)

8. Use the Selection tool to Select the last keyframe of the Rocket layer. Click and drag the Rocket Ship to place the registration point (circle) at the end of the path.

Note: If the registration point doesn’t appear, click the circle with the cross hairs and click and hold for a second or two, then drag it to position.

9. Play the animation.

You will notice the Rocket Ship does not turn as it follows the path, to fix this problem-

10. Select the first keyframe and the Rocket Ship.

11. In the properties window, click "Orient to path"

12. Play the animation. You should see it now turns as it follows the path.

13. When you Test the movie, the Guide layer will not show.