Humorous Interview Assignment

When interviewing people, try not to ask questions, Merely make observations. This loosens people up, letting them reveal their emotional, human side to you.

Eg. Do you think all cats should be licensed? Instead it is better to say Tell me what you think of mandatory cat licenses. The first questions allows the interviewee to give a yes/no answer. The second version allows the interviewee to express their thoughts and ideas, resulting in more interesting interview.

Your Assignment


Part I - Create the Interview questions

Create 12 interview questions, you could ask a person in the school. Remember the points above. These questions must be of suitable content, a General rating.

Eg. Interview question: Tell me what you think of mandatory cat licenses


Part II - Predict the responses

Give what you expect will be the common response to each of your 12 questions.

Eg. Interview response: That's probably a good idea, dogs need to be, so why not them too.


Part III - Create fake humorous questions

Looking at just the expected responses, from part II create ‘fake questions' which would make the responses in part two sound humorous.

Eg. Fake Interview question: What do you think of the new law that will force parents to take their teenager for a walk everyday.
Answer from above: That's probably a good idea, dogs need to be, so why not them too.


Part IV - Conduct interview and record responses

Using your questions from Part I, interview someone and record their responses. You do not need to record the questions.

Compare their responses with your expected responses in part II. How close were your predictions?


Part V - Record the Fake questions

You may now need to modify some of your fake questions from part III.
Remember the responses can be edited, words can be cut or rearranged.


Record the fake questions, pretending you are interviewing someone.
You will not really be interviewing anyone as you already have the ‘responses' in part IV above.


Part VI - Edit the interview

Edit two recordings so you now have a fake question, followed by the response. Fake questions, response......