Basic Video Questions B


1. Describe the Basic Video Shots , give the common abbreviations, and their typical uses. (9 marks)


2. What is headroom? (1 marks)


3. What is leadroom? (1 marks)


4. What is meant by “Composition” and “Framing” of a shot? (2 marks)


5. What is the difference between consumer, prosumer, and professional? (3 marks)


6. There are many different type of Video tape formats, for each of the types below give: physical description (size), typical use, whether Anolog or Digital, other specifications. (15 marks)

a. VHS h. Digital 8
c. 8 mm j. DVCPRO
d. S-VHS (or Super-VHS) k. Betacam SX
e. Hi-8 l. Digital-S
f. Betacam SP m. DVCPRO 50
g. Mini - DV  


7. E xplain each of the following terms and how they relate to video and video file size. (6 marks)

a. Resolution
b. Frame rate
c. Colour depth



8. For each of the following digital video formats give the typical : resolution (pixels), Frame rate (fps) and colour depth (bits) (8 marks)

a. Broadcast Full-screen video
b. Broadcast HDTV (High Definition TV)
c. Multimedia (CD-ROM)
d. Internet



P. Stewart, 2005