Final Cut

"Cooking Fun" Assignment

For this assignment use the folder "Cooking_Fun"

View the completed video ""

You are to create a very similar video. The needed clips are in the above folder

Some things to note:

-Add titles to the beginning and end of the movie (use different title effects)
-you name should fade in on the opening title

-Add reverse to the second "peppers in pot"

-increase the speed of "zucchini chop"

-Lengthen the time of "pizza cooking"

-Add transitions between clips

-Use motion with the "saute pan"

-Fade the music in at the beginning of the movie and fade it out at the end

The order of the clips is:
1. Opening title "Fun with Food" (You must create this text)
2. Title - "By your name" (You must create this text)
3. Sound fades in with Title - "By your name"
4. "mushroom sliced"
5. "peppers in pot"
6. "peppers in pot" -reversed
7. "zucchini chop" -increase speed
8. "pizza cooking" -lengthen time
9. 'saute pan" -use motion
10. 'strawberry cake"
11. Sound fades out
12. Ending credits (You must create this text)


Save your completed movie as both a final cut project and a QuickTime movie