This is GCCI
Promo Video

You are to create a Garden City Collegiate promotional video that could be used to show why GCC is a great school to attend. The video should be no more than 7 minutes.

We hope to use some of these to show to Grade 8 students and parents who may wish to come to GCC next year.

You do not have to shoot all the video clips yourself. We have some clips that you can edit.


1) Before you start filming: (Pre-production)

You must hand in (paper or electronically) a document that includes your:

- topic (GCCI promo video)
- goal (to show what a great place GCC is)
- intended audience (new studetns and parents)
- and script

Based on this document you must create a storyboard that includes all main scenes with: camera angles, text, sound effects, music and transitions. 


2) Filming (Production)

Consider lighting, sound (voice and background), use of a tripod for non-motion shots


3) Editing (Post production)

You must include:




If you have all the required elements you will get 75%

The other 25% is based on: