Internet Scavenger Hunt Number 1



Using the Internet find the answers to the questions below. Create a word processing document with the answers to each question. Be sure your document includes, a title, your name. Format the document so the reader will quickly understand your answer and the question. Be sure to spell check and save your work. Be sure to save your work often.

  1. A certain William Wordsworth poem begins "A WINGED Goddess--clothed in vesture wrought." What is the last line of that poem?
  2. What river basin is the world's largest?
  3. According to the CIA World Factbook, how many paved runways does the country of Vietnam have?
  4. Who currently occupies the office in room 250 at the school of music where the Ottakar Cadek quartet was established?
  5. Which U.S. Congressman has three Chesapeake Bay Retrievers?
  6. Back in the 1940's, the U.S. Signals Intelligence made a successful effort to collect and decrypt text of Soviet KGB and GRU messages. There are several states with cities that share a name with this operation. Which of these states was the first to set up a state trunkline numbering system for highways?
  7. Who was President Ibrahim Bare Mainassara? What country? How did he die?
  8. Who played the TV role of Wilhelm Klink. What TV show? What did this actor's father do for a living?
  9. Was Johann Sebastian Bach a Classical, Baroque, Renaissance, or romantic composer?
  10. The Nasa Mercury MA-8 mission occurred in 1962. Who was the pilot? Name 4 (four) of the many honours the space explorer has received over his career?