Internet Scavenger Hunt #2

Name ____________________


Using the Internet find the answers to the questions below. Create a word processing document with the answers to each question. Be sure your document includes, a title, your name. Format the document so the reader will quickly understand your answer and the question. Be sure to spell check and save your work.

Part of your mark will be on how you document looks.

  1. An Electronic Component is labelled 2N3904. Describe what the component is.
  2. Who is the Prime Minister of Britain?
  3. How big is Lake Superior in miles or Kilometres?
  4. Name the first Canadian that flew into space.
  5. Name the Winnipeg City councilor for Mynarski Ward.
  6. What is the most recent population count for Winnipeg? What year is this info from?
  7. Name the Capital City of Ohio.
  8. Name the Capital City of Iceland.
  9. What is the floral emblem of Manitoba?
  10. In what Canadian Province is the town of Vulcan located?
  11. In What year was the ENIAC computer created?
  12. In what year did Apple Computers first create iMac?
  13. Name the first United States hit song of the "Beatles"
  14. How long was the Titanic? (the boat not the movie)
  15. What is the Capital of Grenada?
  16. What is the size of Lake Winnipeg?
  17. What was the most recent estimated population of Canada.What year is this info from?
  18. What is the name of the International airport in Ottawa?
  19. Who is Sir Charles Tupper?
  20. The first line of a song is " A long, long time ago". What is the name of the song?