Internet Scavenger Hunt Number 3


Use the Internet to find the answers to the questions below.
Create a word processing document with the answers to each question.
Be sure your document includes, a title, your name.
Format the document so the reader will quickly understand your answer and the question.
Be sure to spell check and save your work.


  1. What are the Gallery hours of the "Winnipeg Art Gallery"?
  2. Name at least 3 special events held in Manitoba's Interlake area.
    (Hint: check out Explore Manitoba)
  3. What is the first line of Shakespeare's poem "A Lover's Complaint"?
  4. Who is the "Chair" of Seven Oaks School Division board of Trustees?
  5. What is the 4th tip from 'How to Study for Exams' at the site ?
  6. What is the weather forecast for the City of Winnipeg for the next 3 days (include today and give the dates)?
  7. What is the toll free telephone order line number for Broderbund software?
  8. Use four different search engine (Click here for a list of some Search Engines) to find how many sites for each of the following topics:

    a) high school yearbook
    b) mosquito
    c) your own topic 1
    d) your own topic 2


    Create a chart indicating: the topic, the search engine used, how many sites were found

    Topic search engine 1 name search engine 2 name search engine 3 name search engine 4 name
    high school yearbook