Internet Assignment -- Scavenger Hunt 4


Using the Internet find the answers to the questions below. Create a word processing document with the answers to each question. Be sure your document includes, a title, your name. Format the document so the reader will quickly understand your answer and the question. Be sure to spell check and save your work. Be sure to save your work often.


1. What is the exact time?        How close is the time on your computer?

2. What is on CTV TV tonight in winnipeg at 8:00pm?

3. a) What is Disney's current big screen movie?

b) What are the names of any two of the characters in this movie? Include a picture of each character.

4. a) What is the main headline news item for CBC today?

b) What is the weather forecast for Winnipeg this weekend? Include a picture of the forecast .

5. Give the museum names and location that contain the following items: Include apicture of each item.

a. The Mona Lisa

b. The U505 German WWII submarine

c. The Rosetta Stone

6. a) What is the current top story for Sporting News magazine?

b) Which player is the scoring leader for the Toronto Raptors (basketball team)? Include his picture.

c) what is his average points per game?

7. a) What is the current index value of the Nasdaq stock exchange?

b) What was the Nasdaq's closing value yesterday?

8. List two names from the RCMP's most wanted fugitive list and describe their crime(s). Include a picture of each (if available)

9. What English courses (give the course number) needs to be completed before entering the School of Medicine at the University of Manitoba (pre med)?

10. What is the street address of the Mark's Work Wearhouse on Leila in Winnipeg? Include a map to the store.