Word Processing

Directions Assignment

Your cousin is visiting you from out of town,
Your cousin has never been to Winnipeg before and is known to easily get lost and confused.

Create a word processing document with a list of directions that your cousin can follow to walk from your home to various places and do various things.
You don't want your cousin to get lost so you need to give very specific instructions.

Your home to:

o       Garden City Collegiate

o       A local fast food restaurant

o       A grocery store close to your house. Include a list of items that your cousin should pick up for tonight's dinner.

o       A visit to the Forks. Your cousin will travel by public transit. Be sure to include: where to catch the bus, route numbers, how much the fare is, etc.
(Note: If you live outside city limits and public transit, start from the closest bus stop to your home)

o       Watch a movie on TV. Your cousin is not the brightest person in the world. Leave complete instructions describing how to use your DVD/VCR/PVR/ Netflix, etc. (be sure to indicate which remote turns on which device, which buttons to press, etc.)


-Except to The Forks, your cousin will be walking from your house to all destinations.

-Include a MAP with the directions for at least TWO of the above.

-Include a picture (e.g. Google Street View) for at least one of the locations above so your cousin will recognize it when arriving at the destination.

-Your final document should look good and be easy to understand (use techniques you learned in previous assignments to improve your document.)

 - Save the file name as Directions yourloginname.docx then submit it when finished.