Word Processing

Editing Assignment

In this exercise you will have very little typing to do, as the document entitled editing_ex has already been created. You are going to load the document and then make corrections

Note: A copy is also saved in public/cat20s/wordprocessing/editing_ex.rtf


Open the wordprocessor with the filename EDITING_EX


The following are the corrections you must make to the document     editing_ex:

1. The word "computor" is spelled wrong, the correct spelling is "computer". Use SEARCH/FIND AND REPLACE to change all occurrences of "computor" to "computer".

2. Change the word "man" to "people". Use the SEARCH/FIND command to find "man".

3. A mistake has made in a person's name Charles Smith should be Charles Babbage. Use the SEARCH/FIND AND REPLACE command to change "Smith" to "Babbage".

4. Howard Aiken has his last name spelled wrong. The correct spelling is Aiken not Aikein.

5. In paragraph eight a sentence is missing. Move to paragraph 8 and find the following sentence.
In 1946, at the University of Pennsylvania, the ENIAC was first used, computing firing and ballistic tables for army artillery guns.
Move to the space after "guns." and insert this missing sentence.
ENIAC was the first all electronic computer.

6. The second last paragraph (not including the lines at the bottom that tell you where the information is from) is in the wrong place. Move it to AFTER the THIRD paragraph.

7. Look at the last paragraph (not the lines that tell where the information is from) and read it. This information is totally false so DELETE it.

8. Change the left and right margin for the second paragraph to 2 inches (5 cm) from the edge of the paper. The other paragraphs should stay the same.

9. Change the fifth paragraph to hanging indent, full justification.

10. Find suitable graphics and add to appropriate places within the document. Use different graphic features such as ‘contour wrap'.

11. Run it through the spelling checker as there are several spelling mistakes.

12. Add your full name to the end of the document for identification. Print it and hand in.