Course Sylabus CEC31G
Course Sylabus CEC41G

Computer History  
links to Computing History sites Early Computing Devices Assignment  


Number systems, Binary, Hex, Oct
BIOS Configuration Worksheet


The Insides
Computer Cases Assignment
How to build your own computer
Power Supply Assignment
Processor Manufacturers Assignment
SI Prefixes
Making of Computer Chips
Processors Assignment
Intel processors info (very useful)
Power Supply Calculator
Memory Assignment
All About Memory
Excellent info on different types of memory
Motherboard Assignment
Hard Drive Assignment
System Comparision Assignment
Hard Drive Identification Lab
Trouble Shooting Quiz
Hard Drive Diagnostics Assignment


Port Assignment
Ports & Cables Quiz    


  Creating Local Users & Groups & Sharing
Networking Questions
  User Name/PW Requirements Assignment
Designing a School Network
WpgWiFi.com - Wardriving Winnipeg
Networking Computers Questions A
Wireless Networking
MAC address Vendor lookup
Network Device Assignment
Wireless Assignment
Networking Shared Folders Assignment
Wireless Hacking assignment
Network Cable Types
Making Ethernet Cables
Network Cable Assignment
Networking Notes & Assignments (local)


System Configuration    
  MS Technet
MS download site of windows resources for IT Professionals
Registry Guide pcTools website


Intel Processor Information
Great info about how processors work, and the terms used.
System Info
info about entries in Windows registry
MSCONFIG Assignment
Registry Questions


OS Utility Assignment 1 Registry Quiz

Startup Files info
System info Startup files (older version)

Info about entries in Windows startup

Running Programs-Tasks-Process Assignment SANDRA SISoftware
Bob Cerelli's Window Page
A Great resource
OS Utility Assignment 2 Linux OS Questions 1
  OS Utility Assignment 3 OS Comparision
CloneZilla   Linux for Beginners



Driver Links    


Computer Waste Hard Drive Manufacturers and Diagnostic Software CEC41G Start of Year Review
  Job Opportunities in IT  
My Home Computer Specs Technological Device Points on Power Point Presentations
Software report    
OS System Requirements Assign Computing Trends  
Build Your Own Computer Research & Presentation assignment Design A New Operating System Interface
Early Computing Devices Assignment Remote Computing Review Quiz