Memory Assignment

  1. Describe how ROM is different from RAM.
  2. How many bytes is 1 MB? 1GB? 1 TB?
  3. What is system memory?
  4. What does the main system memory hold?
  5. What is video memory?
  6. What is cache memory?
  7. Describe the difference between memory and storage.
  8. Describe how the amount of memory affects performance.
  9. Describe how memory is specified (speed, size, pins, etc.)
    1. What is the purpose of the FSB (Front Side Bus)?
    2. How does the FSB speed affect memory?
    3. If you use faster memory then your FSB speed what happens?
    4. If you use slower memory then your FSB speed what happens?
    5. What is replacing FSB?
  11. What is dual channel memory?
  12. What is DDR Ram?
  13. Compare dual channel with DDR.
  14. What happens if you mix memory speeds? (eg. PC1600 & PC2100)
  15. What is CAS? What is the performance difference between CL2 & CL3?
  16. What is the difference between ECC and non-ECC?
  17. What can happen if you use ‘cheap’ RAM?
  18. When purchasing memory for a computer describe how you would determine:
    1. How much memory the system will recognize?
    2. What kind of memory is compatible with the system?
    3. How many sockets are open and how to fill them?
  19. Describe DDR2, DDR3 & DDR4
  20. How is DDR3 different from DDR2?