Networking Computers Questions A


1. What three things must be setup on the computer workstation (WS) in order to connect to a network? (3 marks)

2. What is a LAN? MAN? WAN? (3 marks)

3. Explain the diffference between (5 marks)

a. Simplex
b. Half-Duplex
c. Full-Duplex

4. Name three different protocols. What is the most commonly used protocol today? (2 marks)

5. What are the ranges of the three private IP addresses groups? (1 marks)

6. When setting up your own LAN why should you use these private IP addresses and not just any IP address? (2 marks)

7. Explain the differences between the following networking devices: (6 marks)

a. Hub
b. Switch
c. Router

8. What is the purpose of a workgroup? (1 marks)

9. Describe how you would setup a shared file folder on your WS. (2 marks)

10. What is the use of the PING command? Explain how you would use it. (2 marks)

11. How would you check if your network card is working using PING? (1 marks)

12. What is the use of the command IPCONFIG ? (2 marks)

13. Give detailed steps to set the WS configurations for a three WS LAN. Assume you will use the IPs in the range – with subnet mask of Include configuring; network card, protocol, client, computer name, workgroup, etc. (10 marks)