Power Supply Questions

Research and describe (both in words and pictures) each of the following as they relate to computer power supplies.

  1. Form factor
  2. Input voltage level (AC)
  3. Connectors; what they usually connect to, number of pins (include pictures)
    eg. Berg, Molex,   P1, P4, P8/P9, SATA
  4. Wattage of power supply   &   wattage used by common components
    eg. wattage of motherboard, wattage of CD drive, Wattage of DVD drive, ...
  5. Energy Efficiency
  6. Signals received from MB (motherboard)
  7. Output   DC voltage level, wire colours, common use eg. Yellow wire, +12V, used for disk drives and fans
  8. Testing and repairing power supplies
    eg. Can you test a power supply when it is not connected to the motherboard? Shuld you attempt to repair power supplies?
  9. RoHS compliance