Processors Assignment


Look up and put into your own words the explanation for terms relating to processors.
Use my wish to use the following website to aid in your research:


IN YOUR OWN WORDS describe each of the following terms as they relate to computer processors:

Part A.

1. Cache (L2 cache, L3 cache)

2. Clock Speed/Clock Rate

3. Bus Speed

4. Memory Channel

5. Cores (eg. Duo Core)

6. TDP

7. Socket types

8. Hyper-Threading technology

9. Enhanced Speed Step Technology

10. Turbo Boost

11. Intel QPI

12. Intel Virtualization Technology


Part B.

Choose any two CPU processors, they can be from the same manufacture or different (Intel, AMD).
Compare the specs for each of these two CPU’s (as in questions part Aabove) and also include the current price.

For prices try these websites , , ,