Computer Waste



Read the two articles above and find at least four additional web sites on this topic.

List the web sites and answer the following questions.

The presention of your answers is up to you but will be part of your mark.


1. What types of resources are used in the manufacture of computers?

2. How much of these resources are consumed in the manufacture of a typical
computer and how does this compare with the weight of a typical computer?

3. What health problems can lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominate cause?

4. What often happens to old computers and why can this be a problem?

5. Manitoba has recently changed their E-waste policies

a. What is the Electronics Products Recycling Association (EPRA)?

b. What is the purpose of the Environmental Handling Fee (EHF)?

c. Give some examples (at least five) of products and how much the EHF is.

d. In Manitoba how much does it cost to drop of e-Waste items for recyling?

6. List at least 3 E-waste drop-off/collection sites in Winnipeg.

BONUS : Find the web site where this picture was found.