Design A New Operating System Interface

Spend some time thinking about the GUI interface that we now use, which employs the metaphor (or image) of an office environment (files, folders and desktops). Now design a GUI that uses a different metaphor or image to organize and operate.

Think about how you as a teenager might want to be able to organize your stuff, or think about how computers should interface with humans in the next 30 years.

You will be marked on your:



Consider how the screen (or whatever) will look, how users will start tasks and end them. How will users name and store their information? What sorts of containers will hold the info? How will user recieve information and add/modify create new information? What sort of special features can you build in to make computing easier, or at least more fun?

Also think about who your interface would interest - go for the age of interface specialization!
An interface exclusively for teen-age girls, or 5 - 8 year old, or an interface for senior citizens, for example.