CEC41G Start of Year Review



  1. Describe how ROM is different from RAM.
  2. How many bytes is 1 KB? 1 MB? 1GB?
  3. Describe the difference between memory and storage
  4. Describe how memory is specified
  5. What is CAS? What is the performance difference between CL2 & CL3?



  1. How can you determine the total amount of intalled memory (without opening the case)?
  2. How can you determine the total amount of storage & the amount of free space on storage?
  3. How do you launch Device Manager?
  4. How do you launch System Information?
  5. How do you boot to Safe Mode?
  6. Explain what it means for a disk to be Fragmented?
  7. What command starts the Registry Editor?
  8. What are the six main "hive keys" found in the registry?



  1. What is Form factor
  2. What are the following used for
      1. RJ45
      2. SPID
      3. IDE
      4. SATA
  3. Identify the mother board components shown in the diagram (click to enlarge)



  1. Name three different protocols. What is the most commonly used protocol today?
  2. What is the use of the PING command?
  3. How would you check if your network card is working using PING?
  4. What is the difference between IP and mac address?
  5. How can you determine the computers IP address and mac address?


Power supplies

  1. What is meant by Form factor?
  2. Describe what the following Connectors are commonly used for
    Berg, Molex,   P1, P4, P8/P9, SATA
  3. What is RoHS compliance?



  1. What does a processor do?
  2. What does CPU stand for?
  3. Name at least five processor manufacturing companies
  4. What is Cache ?
  5. What is Clock Speed?
  6. What is the Front Side Bus?