Samples of Student Work


Student Work Samples

GCC Commercial YouTube Stop Motion -Christmas YouTube Stop Motion - We don't have to be.. YouTube
  Stop Motion - Stick Man YouTube Stop Motion -Pizza YouTube
  Stop Motion YouTube  


DRIVE lash The Park flash A Day at the Zoo flash
Drag Race flash Panda flash  


Tetris 1 flash PacMan flash  
Chaulk flash Stackers flash  

Paper Clips StopMotion YouTube
The Locker StopMotion YouTube
Walk with Style Commercial YouTube
Rubix StopMotion YouTube
Super Laundry StopMotion YouTube
Shoes Commercial YouTube
Fireball StopMotion YouTube
Got Milk StopMotion YouTube
Beach Day StopMotion YouTube
Domo & the Riceball StopMotion YouTube
Coke Cans StopMotion YouTube
Driving StopMotion YouTube
Telekinesis Boy StopMotion YouTube
Card StopMotion YouTube
Hidden Temple StopMotion YouTube
Paper Jail StopMotion YouTube
Skateboarding StopMotion YouTube
Transformer Rubics Cube StopMotion YouTube
SkyDive flash
Ghost Busters flash


Rock Band flash
Football in Tree flash
Fully Handed flash
Spinny Girl flash
Panda flash
Highway flash
Wall of Inconvenient flash
Building Run flash
Alien flash
Girl on Swing flash
Seasons flash


Box Guy flash
Big Bang Stop Motion mov
Hangman Stop Motion mov
B-Ball flash
Soccer f ash
LEGO box Stop Motion mov
Football flash
Penguins flash
Fast Food Stop Motion AVI
Crazy Guy flash
Birthday flash
Play Sports AVI
Bowling flash


The three Bears flash
The PokeBal lflash
Stop Motion mov
Tooth Brush flash
Space f ash
Green Screen example mov
Sushi People flash
KittyCat flash
Green Screen example2 mov
Blender Spiderman AVI
Ouch flash
Blender Bottle Pour mov


28 Frames Later flash
Wrong Day flash
Card Tower (stop motion) mov
Awesome flash
Humpty flash
I'm Hungry (stop motion) mov (very large file) YouTube
Guitar Player flash (large file)
Sheep flash
Medley (stop motion) mwv YouTube
Star Wars Nerd flash
Baseball flash
The Orange (stop motion) mov
The Runner flash


Soccer flash
Snowball Fight flash
Pong flash
Space flash
The Heist (stop motion) mov
Pac Man flash
Alien Abduction flash
The camp site(stop motion) mov
The Big line Up flash
The Heist flash

"Angie" Guitar player flash
Roller Coaster flash
Money mov
Ball Players flash
Hippo flash
Another Ball Player flash
Balloon Sales flash
Hockey Goalie flash
Spread Your Wings flash

Soccer Dude 1 flash
Soccer Dude 2 flash
Guitar Solo flash
Bike Guy flash
Dancing Rainbow Guy flash
Dancing Guy flash
Unluck Guy flash
Football flash
Stick Guys flash
Commerical 1 flash 1M
Commerical 2 mpg 4.7M
Commerical 3 flash 43k
Beach Ad mpg6.3M
Hit by Car flash 8K
Movie flash 100K
Blob Guy flash
Skater Guy flash
Saber Duel flash
T.Dogg Car flash
Emotions flash
Fish Tank flash
Superball flash
What the?? flash
Mario flash
Sk8erDude flash
Walking Dude flash
Troys Project flash
Piano flash


Claymation/stop mtoion
Fishing 3.5MB
Don't Touch 1.8MB
Fish vs the Worm 2MB
Card Tower (stop motion) rmov

Last udpdated: May 28, 2015