Portfolio Web Site Creation Assignment

Use Dreamweaver to create the web site.

The design is up to you but it should be appealing, easy to navigate and understand.

Be sure to have a separate folder for your Portfolio web and it's files. (using Managed sites does this for you)
There should be no extra files in this folder.


Your web is to include the following:

1. Your name

2. Your personal logo (Show at least three different sizes, from very small, to original size)

3. Your animated logo

4. A rollover button

5. Named Anchors

6. All your Fireworks graphic assignments

7. A link to the GCC home page

8. Your flash animations

9. At least one of your sound clips

10. Your video clips

11. Any other work you may have done

12. Each of your projects must include: a brief description, the challenges and successes you found, what you learned, etc.


Remember your finished web portfolio will be shown at the end of the course to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and media techniques. Make use of the knowledge you have gained in the course to showcase your abilities.


Portfolio Web Check List

_____ Your name



_____ Your own Personal logo - 3 different sizes

_____ Your own Personal logo animated

_____ 3 Intro FW assignments (10 graphics)

_____ Mutant Animal & Mashup

_____ Other FW assignments

_____ Project descriptions


_____ Link to GCC home page

_____ Web page Named Anchors Assign

_____ Roll over

_____ Project descriptions

_____ editing assignment

_____ Project descriptions


_____ -Beep Beep car

_____ -Animated face

_____ -Shape tween

_____ -Tween along path

_____ - Mask

_____ -Dexter

_____ -Flash project

_____ Project descriptions



_____ All your projects

_____ Project descriptions


_____ Other