Laughter is the Best Medicine
Audio Assignment

Using Audacity and your own vocal talents, record these different kinds of laughter. Include your original laugh track for each type of laugh. Also, indicate by clearly saying which is your original unmodified laugh track and which your modified laugh track (final product). Make sure you export the files into wav formats before saving your final version. Play with the different effects in Audacity to derive the following:

  1. An old woman's cackle or Witch's laugh
  2. A fat man's belly laugh
  3. An old man's laughter
  4. A baby's laugh
  5. A woman's laugh
  6. A young boy's or girl’s laugh
  7. Monster's laugh
  8. Cartoon laugh

In a short paper, tell me how you modified each of your laughs to achieve the final products.
Be really precise. For example, don't just tell me, I moved the pitch up. Instead tell me, I moved the pitch up from F to C# (Audacity tells you this when you select the change of pitch).
For extra credit, come up with 3 kinds of laughter that is different from the list above. Again, don't forget to tell me how you modified your laugh.