Day in the life in 3 Minutes

Video Project


Create a 3 minute video about Day-in-the-life - from the beginning to the end.

There are two ways to handle a day-in-the-life video project.

  1. One way is the typical document/comedy as seen in most TV shows and movies
  2. Another way is to look at the world through your subject's eyes. For instance, did you ever wonder what your mother does after she leaves for work? Did you ever try to guess what's going on in your dog's mind as he goes through a day?

You can make your video camera be the eyes of the person (or animal or thing) whose day you're going to "live." Whomever or whatever you choose to be, it will be their point of view through which the camera sees. You need more imagination and less script for this kind of project--especially if you are taping an animal's or an object’s point of view, unless you have them "thinking" aloud.

  You MUST provide a story board BEFORE you begin shooting

   Your storyboard must include
                 -shots  (who is in the shot, location, type of shot, angle of shot, etc.)

                 -sound effects




Additional Criteria



If you have all the required elements you will get 75%

The other 25% is based on: