Basic Video  Questions A



1.                  What is the difference between linear editing and nonlinear editing?


2.                  What is IEEE1394 ?  Why is it important to Video editing?


3.                  What is the difference between  Composite Video, Component Video and S-Video signals?


4.                 What type of cable connectors are usually found on
a. Composite Video cables? What colour is a composite connector?
b. Component Video cables
c. S-Video Cables?


5.                  What is the difference between NTSC video standard and PAL?


6.                  What is the difference between interlaced and non-interlaced?  How do they relate to television and computer?


7.                  What is the aspect ratio for standard television?  For High-Definition television?


8.                  Digital Video file size is determined by three factors: Resolutions (pixels), Frame rate (fps) and Colour depth (bits).

What are the conventions for each of these three factors for

a.       broadcast

b.      multimedia

c.       internet



9.                  What is a CODEC and why is it important to digital video editing?