Shooting Video

Tips for Creative Composition


1. Alter the Viewpoint - The placement of the camera in respect to the subject can significantly affect how the frame will look. Try different vantage points, not just the obvious one.

2. Very the Angles - Try angling the camera itself. Looking down on a subject can create a feeling of dominance, looking up at the subject - inferiority. A feeling of chaos can be created by tilting the camera to the side.

3. Emphasize the Action - Note the action in each shot. Try shooting from various angles to find the one that best emphasizes it.

4. Show Size and Space - Dramatic effect can be increases by showing size in relation to space. A large tree only looks large if an object of known size is shown to give it proportion.

5. Look for Texture - Textures appeal to our sense of touch, and give the viewer a greater sense of realism

6. Use Shapes and Lines - take notice of shapes and lines. Look of unusual patterns. Watch for lines to create perspective.

7. Change the Light - Adjust the light to see how it changes the image. Adjust the contract and notice the subtleties in shadows, highlights, grays.

8. Use Colour - Colour can create mood and enhance the image. Subdue or intensify them. Try changing the hue.

9. Balance and Imbalance - By manipulating space and placement of objects, as well as colour you can create balance, or conversely imbalance.