Exporting to Play on the TV

Movie Maker
Final Cut


In Flash

1. Be sure the documents property size is set to 720 x 480


2. Choose File, Export, Export Movie


3. Change the Save as Type to Windows AVI


4.The Export Windows Dimensions must 720 x 480



Windows Movie Maker

1. Choose Finish Movie, Save to my computer


2. Enter the filename and choose your place to save.


3. Choose Other Setting and DV-AVI(NTSC)


4. Note: the conversion process takes time, be patient!!


Final Cut

1. Choose File, Export, Using QuickTime Conversion


2. Choose an appropriate name to Save As:


3. Change the Format to: AVI

then choose Options

4.In Options, deselect Sound,

Verify the Video Settings...

5. The Settings should be as below

6. Keep clicking OK and wait for the conversion.