Video- Preproduction Check List

Project Title: _______________________________________________________________________

Producer: ____________________________________

Production crew: ______________________________________________________________


CATEGORY   Ranking
Teamwork Students meet and discuss regularly. All students contribute to the discussion and all are listened to respectfully. All team members contribute a fair share of the work.  
Concept Team has a clear picture of what they are trying to achieve. Each member can describe what they are trying to do and generally how his/her work will contribute to the final product.  
Storyboard Storyboard is complete with sketches for each scene, detailed notes on titles, transitions, special effects, sound, etc. Storyboard reflects outstanding planning and organization for the visuals in the video.  
Script Script is complete and it is clear what each actor will say and do. Entries and exits are scripted as are important movements. Script is quite professional.  
Equipment Preparation All necesary equipment/supplies are located and scheduled well in advance. All equipment (sound, light, video) is checked the day before the shoot to ensure it is operational. A backup plan is developed to cover possible problems with power, light, etc.  
Location All locations for the shoots have been pre-scouted. Permission has been obtained to use the location for the date and time needed. A backup plan is developed to cover possible problems.  
Copyright All permissions to use graphics/video/sound "borrowed" from web or other sources have requested, received, printed and saved for future reference.  
Research Note cards indicate that the group members developed questions about the assigned topic, consulted at least 3 reference sources, developed a position based on their sources, and correctly cited their sources.