What's Happening at GCC


You are to create a "commercial" 30 seconds to 1-1/2 minutes showing and promoting an event or activty at GCC.
These commercials will be shown on the schools televisions,

Your project must have a clear theme using video clips that you have shot yourself.


1) Before you start filming: (Pre-production)

You must hand in (paper or electronically) a document that includes your:

- topic
- goal
- intended audience
- and script

Based on this document you must create a storyboard that includes all main scenes with: camera angles, text, sound effects, music and transitions. 


2) Filming (Production)

Consider lighting, sound (voice and background), use of a tripod for non-motion shots


3) Editing (Post production)

You must include:




If you have all the required elements you will get 75%

The other 25% is based on: