Samples of Student Work


Interviews with Answers in Song

Interview Horse Inc. * Interview - Car Named Jude Interview - Superman
Interview - Spiderman Interview - Spiderman #2  

Nursery Rhymes

Five Little Ducks Row Row , London Bridge  


Distracted Driving - Closeups Dreams * Create your own Adventure Branching video -
"Day in Minutes"
Starwars vs Street fighter mov * Single Girl * Create your own Adventure Branching video -
"Mind Games"
Will You be Mine (Silent Film) * The Elevator (closeup) *  


Winter Break swf Blood Donor swf GC B-Ball swf

Blender 3D animation

Logo's NHL (created w/Blender) History of NHL (created w/Blender) GC Football (created w/Blender)
Welcome to GC (created w/Blender) GC Hockey (created w/Blender) GC Logo (created w/Blender)

Sequence (shooting a)

Continuity Errors in a Sequence "Putting On a Hat" Sequence