Internet Applications


The internet is a mystery to many people. They know that they can click on links and go from one page to another. They can download music, video, graphics, programs and play games. They can communicate with others around the world and within an office or school building.  

To understand the usefulness and limitations of the internet, it is helpful to understand how computers connect and how best to find information and resources.   The assignments in this section will introduce you to the history of the internet, how it works, some rules for safe searching, and how to search effectively.


Search Techniques

We will discuss the handout Internet Search Skills then you will be asked to complete the accompanying assignment and submit it for evaluation.



A Web Quest

Refer to the attached Web Quest assignment for details.


Your Presentation

Your teacher will give a demonstration on PowerPoint.

After the demonstration and a discussion of "The Fundamentals of Design", you may wish to refer to this page on PowerPoint for additional assistance.

Note: The project requirements and marking rubric are indicated in the Web Quest. Be sure you know what is expected before you begin