Using Sound Files

This is sample web page showing how to insert sound files.

The sound files must be saved into your web folder.

Using an HTML editor copy the code below into the body of to your html code where you wish the player to appear.
Change the music file to your music file name.

Note: Some browsers may need plugins for sound to work correctly


<!--begin midi html-->
<embed src="music filename goes here" height="55" width="200" autostart="false"
<b><font color="#0000ff" size="-2">Title and composer name goes here</font>
<!--end midi html-->

If you want the file to automatically play when the web page is loaded, set autoplay=true, if you do not want the file to automatically start, set autoplay=false. If you want the control box to be hidden, use the hidden=true attribute. Normally the file will stop playing after it is completed the first time, so if you want it to start over once it is done use the attribute loop=true.



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